Gaining Confidence in the Bedroom

Sometimes there’s just no other way to say it — sex can be intimidating. When it comes to intimacy with your partner, you’re at your most vulnerable in the bedroom. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take to gain confidence in the bedroom that have been successful for many people! Part of our mission at Cupid’s Potion is to provide our customers with the male and female enhancement products they need to safely enjoy themselves. Here are just four tips for feeling more comfortable and confident in the bedroom!

Communicate Your Sexual Desires 

One of the most common roadblocks when it comes to a satisfying sexual experience is a lack of communication. Your partner is not a mind-reader! When it comes to understanding your needs, your body, and your history, it’s dependant on you to communicate those things. Open communication about your sexual desires helps to establish your boundaries, any possible shame triggers, and an overall feeling of safety with your partner. Your partner will also appreciate not feeling left in the dark in regards to fulfilling your desires!

Setting and Accepting Boundaries

Your sexual boundaries should also be something that are openly communicated between you and your partner, as well as accepting those boundaries. Everyone has a different sexual history and comfort level in regards to what they will or won’t engage in sexually. If you’re uncomfortable with something, make sure that it’s clearly communicated and understood. If you’re in an ongoing relationship, it’s also worth noting that it’s possible your boundaries may change over time as bonds deepen or relationships become more comfortable. Set clear boundaries, and accept boundaries graciously from your partner.

Be Curious About What’s Going On In Your Body

You can explore the realities of your body without even engaging with another person. Take the time to focus on yourself and discover what does and doesn’t work for your body. Some simple questions you can ask yourself to discover your own body’s sexual desires include:

  • What parts of your body do you like?
  • Are there parts of yourself that you’d prefer to be touched?
  • How does your body respond in different scenarios?
  • What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?

When you’re more able to clearly articulate what your body enjoys, you can be more confident in expressing those things to your partner.

Switch From Performative Sex to Pleasureable Sex

A lot of people get hung up on the performative aspects of sexual interaction with their partner. Having confidence in the bedroom is about more than performing a mechanical function where A leads to B leads to C. Instead, try to focus on the pleasurable aspects of being intimate with your partner. This can take some of the pressure off of the performative aspects of sex, and refocuses your time together to simply giving and receiving pleasure. In other words, performative sex is largely focused on the individual “delivering” in a certain way, while pleasurable sex is collaborative and focused more on togetherness. 

We hope that these simple tips help you gain confidence in the bedroom! Cupid’s Potion is here to provide you with the boost you need to enhance both your performance and your pleasure. Shop online now to discover products that can help give you the confidence you need!